Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Music Video Evaluation

Music Video Evaluation

 Megan Hughes

Music Video Evaluation

1.    When planning and creating our music video, for our girl band, called ‘Dragonfly’, we made sure that we would use, develop and challenge the forms and conventions of a music video, as they are the most important rules to follow when creating a music video, otherwise it would not work. Following the codes and conventions allows the audience to become more familiar with the genre of the music and what the band are all about. For example, when looking at the genre characteristics of a pop rock music video, we have made our music video to fit to the genre, as we have shown a live performance of the song within our music video. We have defiantly used genre characteristics when creating our music video, as for both choruses’ we have included all the band members on stage, performing our song live, to an audience. We included the performance element into the video, as we wanted to portray that the band play and write their music and make them more believable and there target audience can relate to them through the lyrics. Our music video and image was inspired by a variety of different bands, such as Warpaint, Paramore, and Haim. These are all girl bands, which all have an edgy and boho sheek look to them. The benefit of researching into these bands is that we got a knowledge of how they have been represented and the image they portray, which defiantly gave us ideas on our genre and image that we wanted for our girl band, which is be believable to our target audience.

Also, we have used a sense of narrative through out our music video, which is mostly within the verses. Although it isn’t a typical flowing narrative story, as we have made it as a montage of different shots of the band in a documentary style. We have included a variety of different shots, which include the band at their home, writing and playing the song, with the other shots just showing us as friends and having a lot of natural shots of us having a laugh, which will help us relate to the audience, that we are a normal girl band and do have fun. The narrative part of our music video is partly Cameo, as we have included the band members in the narrative yet we don’t perform in these parts.

The editing progress is one of the crucial parts when creating a music video. The reason for this is because the shots have to be precise and selected. Also, lip syncing is one of the main conventions of a music video, so the lip syncing defiantly has to be edited correctly, so that it looks believable to the audience that they are actually singing the song at the exact time the song is playing. For our music video, me and charlotte were in charge of all of the editing and it was very time consuming as the song for our music video has a very fast paste and needs a lot of short shots. The longest shot in our music video is about 8 seconds long; all of the shots are around 3 seconds long. Taking inconsideration of how many shots we used, I feel that we did a successful job on the editing, as we spent majority of our time editing every day, as well as doing our Digi packs and posters. We also used parallel editing, where we fit some specific shots to match what is said in the lyrics of the music.  When creating our music video, we made sure that we followed the Andrew Goodwin theory, as within our music video we have included the use of several close ups. The benefit we got out of using close ups, was that it promotes the band and familiarises their faces to the audience, which was one of the requirements of the project. We also used slow motion within our music video, which we found was very effective, especially at the beginning of our music video, where we are intruded, walking down the road. This created an effect of us looking edgy and quite cool. We used a DSLR camera for this part of the video, as we found it was the most effective and gave us the best quality for what we wanted. Also, for the performance piece we manage to use the broadcast camera for the performance piece, which was very beneficial, as it gave us great quality and worked so well with getting smooth close up shots of us on stage and a variety of mid shots, long shots and high/low angle shots.

Mise-en-scene is very important in our music video, as we have a very obvious performance piece running through out, and it is important that we included all the props that were appropriate and that followed the genre of the song. So, we made sure that it was clear that we included all of the performance equipment, instruments, stage and lighting. This made it look more believable that we were genuinely performing on a stage. We made sure that we included spotlights, which were directed onto each one of us. Yet, we had to make the shot lighter than we originally wanted, so that when we edited it, we could make the change the contrast and darken it. When looking at the costume of the band, we had to make sure it fitted to the genre of the band, the image they want to portray and suited what they are representing in the video. We all wore casual clothes, yet they were all quite quirky and had an edgy look to it. We also all wore red lipstick, which stood out a lot in the music video, giving us a sense of being girly and genuine. The locations of our music video, was one of the hardest parts when filming, as we had to change our location for the narrative part 2-3 times. We ended up choosing one of our houses to film in. The reason for this is because we decided on making it documentary, so it had to be natural shots and look realistic. This included us in the bedroom, kitchen, and hallway and in our car. We did this so that we would appeal to our audience, portraying ourselves as a genuine group of friends and looking believable. For our performance piece, we used the drama room in our school, as it has a lot of space for us to work in and required us with lighting equipment and a stage for us to work on.

2.             2. The main product of our project was to create a music video, and the second being to create ancillary texts, which were a Digi-pack and a Music video poster. When creating both, we had to make sure that it was well thought about, as its purpose is to promote the band, which in our case was a girl pop rock band called ‘Dragonfly’. The combination of our digi-packs and posters and with the main product is very important, as it has to fit with the standard of the music video and promote the artist, as well as looking professional.

When creating my Digi pack for the band, I used the software, Photoshop. Whilst filming the shots for our music video, we planned and delivered a photo-shoot of the band, where we produced a lot of photo’s that we could work with in a later stage, in this case, our Digi pack and poster. The photographs that we used are all in the outdoors, where some of them are directed, where we are posing towards the camera, where as the others are natural shots of us being together. This already shows the relation of the photos and the music video. As with the music video we have based the narrative on documentary, and have carried on the look of the band being genuine and having fun together through out the video and portraying them onto our Digi packs and posters, carrying on the naturalistic look. When it came to editing the photos and forming them into the style of a Digi pack, I made sure that I thought carefully about how I edited the photos. I have made some of the photos, bright, highly contrasted, vibrant and creative. The reason for this is because throughout the music video, there is a constant natural lighting, with the occasional black and white shots that appear. So with the photos on the digi pack, I have included some high contrasted black and white photos, which work very effectively and the rest are very up beat and colourful, which matches our image as a band.

The styling of the band is familiarised in both the music video and ancillary texts, as we have made sure the band are in different clothing, yet all have the same casual, edgy look. We made sure that we were all dressed appropriate to the image that we want to portray to the audience, as this is what they will see when buying the Digi pack and posters, they will want it to all match up when wanting the music video. This creates a signature look to the band, which will lead to easy promotion of the band. In one of the photos that I included on my Digi pack, was of three scarfs hanging from a tree. The reason for this is because through out both the music video and photographs for the Digi pack and poster, we have all either worn a scarf on body or hang it some where near to us. So I wanted to hang the scarfs on the tree, as there are a lot of trees that appear in the digi pack, so it would all make sense. I edited the scarfs in Photoshop, so that they are all in the colour and the background is in black and white. The reason for this is so that the scarfs represent us, as standing out from the crowd, being fun and energetic and the black and white represented the edginess to us and us being rock.  The selling point of our music video and ancillary texts was to promote the band as being fun, energetic, genuine and exciting. I feel that both the music video and ancillary texts portray this nicely in a sense where we feel that we would appeal to our target audience perfectly.

3. Audience feedback is one of the most important things to consider when even beginning to think of the idea of a music video, because when looking back at our pitch and first screening of our music video, I learnt a lot about how important the audience is, because we realised a lot of our ideas wouldn’t work, as the locations and image of the band didn’t fit with the genre of the band and the image that we were trying to portray. So from getting this feedback, we had to re think about what the band were trying to represent and changed our whole idea of what our music video was going to consist of. This was so helpful for us as we would have carried on and created a music video that would not relate to anyone, which meant that the artists wouldn’t be promoted effectively and would not be successful. From getting audience feedback, it gives you a clear image of which the target audience is for our band, which means that we can add more things to the music video, which would appeal to the age group. When looking at the audience feedback of our music video, I have realised that you have to be careful that you don’t make your music video into a short film. When taking this into consideration, I made sure that we included a lot of fast paced shots and random shots, which would keep the audience interested and excited.

We used different types of audience feedback, such as, using social networking, where we posted the first draft of our music video and politely asked our friends and family to comment on it with their thoughts and opinions on how they feel we have done. Over all, we got a lot of positive feedback, where a lot of people commented on the how the editing worked really well with the pace of the song, that the band as a whole are very believable, due to the quality of lip syncing and performance based, and that we used a range of interesting shots. We were very happy with the feedback that we got from our friends and family. To put the video onto the social network site, we had to convert it onto YouTube, where it got over 60 views, which means that a lot of people have been watching, or music video.

We also created small questionnaire to give out to our target audience; which is 15-25 year olds. We included a sheet of different fonts that we wanted to use on our Digi packs and logo, and asked people we know to fill out these sheet to pick which one they feel goes best with the image of our band.

4.    4. When looking at the research and planning stages, YouTube was one of the main aspects I used when researching into different bands of our genre. By watching previous music videos from different artists, it gave us a sense of how they created the video and why they did. It helped us collect ideas and inspiration from the videos of that particular genre. Especially with us, we looked at a few girl bands that fit our genre perfectly, as were able to look at how they presented themselves, by looking at their clothing and styling, which helped us a lot when creating our image for the band. We also looked at band websites, which were very helpful to us as we could see how they were presented through the images, and photographs, which helped us a lot when it came to creating our digi packs and posters. Using my blog throughout the process of creating our music video, has been very useful, as it has helped me keep up to date with what needs to be done and what I have done, enabling me to create journal posts each week to show the process of what we are doing.

When thinking about the technology side to the process, there was a lot of technonolgies that were used throughout. Final Cut Pro and Photoshop were the main programmes that were used for creating/editing the video and to make the Digi packs and posters. As I did a lot of the editing, I had to teach myself and get help on how to fully use Final Cut Pro, but from being on it for a long period of time, it all came naturally and was able to do all sorts of things with the shots that I had. This included, adding effects to the shots, cutting and lengthening them, adding text, changing the colour etc. This was very helpful in the sense of creating a visually appealing and exciting music video. Its also the same with Photoshop, as I needed help to begin with on how to use the programme correctly, but ended up creating the whole of my digi pack on my own whilst using the software. Not only did we create our music video in final cut pro, we used it to create our animatic video for our storyboard, which was useful to us.

The main technology that we were able to use when filming our music video was the Sony HXR Broadcasting camera, which enabled us to get high quality shots of the performance pieces in our music video. This was very useful as it allowed us to film a variety of different, nice flowing quality shots for our music video. For all of the other footage that was filmed, we used a DSLR camera with a tripod, which also was very effective and good quality for our video, as we used this for the documentary style, and were able to hold this ourselves, which created a hand held camera effect, which is what we wanted.

Overall I feel that there was a lot of useful technology that was used though out the creation of our music video, and were all used effectively, especially in consideration of our genre and were all used to fit to the conventions of a music video.

Monday, 15 April 2013




Here you can see a screen shot of our music video posted on YouTube.

Here you can see that I have finally uploaded my music video to You Tube and Facebook. The reason for this is so that I can get feed back on what people think of my music video and if theres any improvements needed.

As you can see from You Tube, it has had 67 views so far, which is good for us to know people have been watching it. Even though its had no comments, it allows me to share it on other social networking websites.

Here you can see that on Facebook, I would get more feedback from it as my friends and family would be able to see the video and comment on it. As you can see its had a few likes and lots of positive comments, where people have said they've enjoyed the whole thing or just certain parts which is really good to see, as they are the range of people audience that our band would be targeted at. I am pleased with the feedback that we've had and that everyone who has watched it has enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013



Here is the poster that I created in photoshop for part of our ancillary task for this project

The image that I have used for my poster is from the photo shoot that we originally did a while back into our project. To create my poster, I looked at previous posters that were made for actual artists in the industry and see how they have created it and the layout that they used. I have followed the codes and conventions of what a album poster looks like, and have made sure that it is focusing on selling the album and promoting the artist. 
As you can see for the name of the band, the single and one other piece of text I have used the same text font as what I have used for my digipack and the text appears on the front album cover too. I have also included the name of the single on my poster, as this helps advertise the new single that is being released and helps promote the album. 
As you can see at the bottom on my poster I have included the front cover of my digi pack, which is an important convention of creating a poster for the album. And lastly you can see that I have included the release date, which I have made stand out, so that when they someone looks at the poster, they automatically see Dragonfly (The name of the band), the Single (Ready to Go) and then the release date. I feel this is most important as they are all the key features that the audience need to know.
 I have also included where they can download the single, for example, from Itunes and amazon mp3, and most important I have included where they can find more information about the band, by advertising the most popular social networking sites, being Facebook, twitter and myspace. This is to help the band get more fans. Overall I am pleasantly pleased with the out come of my poster, as it has a nice feel to it and all relates back to the digipack and works well to promote the album and artist. 

Friday, 8 March 2013



Here is the final draft of my digi pack. It took me a long time to get to the making of my digi pack, due to editing my music video, as me and my group member charlotte were in charge of editing the music video and it was very time consuming. So, when looking at the digi pack, we were quite behind on creating it but I am happy with the way its turnt out.

As you can see from each photo that I have included in my digi pack are all similiar to eachother, from it being either the colour tone, the high contrast and each photo features a tree or grass in the photo. This is an element that I really like about the digipack. It gives us an edgy look and whenever i think of trees and fields, I think of being free and having all the space and time you need, and the fact that it is nature. This is perfect for us as a band, as we are quite peaceful and unique, so having the idea of being set in nature and having freedom. This fits in nicely for our target audience as people can relate to us and enjoy the idea of the peaceful elements to us.

I chose all the colour to be either quite bright yet low tone, and have played around with the contrast in every photo on the digi pack. I feel the black and white photos are very effective, and have used one of them as our front cover. As you can see from our front cover that it is a very natural looking photograph, which relates back to the narrative part to our music video, which is documentuary styled, and have featured black and white elements to the video. Also, the other photos have a nice, low tone to them, such as the top middle photo, I have played around with the filter and adding purples to the photo, which I feel really works with the flowers in the background. And the other photo I have brightened up the contrast and saturation to the photo, which has a really nice feel to the photo. And the last photo I played around with using a black and white back ground and then colouring in our scarfs that we placed on the tree, which is meant to represent each one of us. And we have included the scarfs through out the photos and featuring them in the music video.

Also, the positioning of the photo is me at the front, looking at the camera, as I have the role of being the lead singer in the band. Also, in every other photo of all 3 of us in the frame you can see that I am either in the middle slightly in front, or we are set out in the way  we would be when on stage, which is me to the right or left, charlotte (bass player) on the other side and Joely (the drummer) at the back, just how it would be set out on stage.

With the text I have included in the digi pack, I have edited the text so that the text stands out and is easy to read, because it is placed on a bright back ground or the oppersite, the text is either black or white so I had to be careful with it blending in with the colour of the background. I feel that the text works well with the digi pack and looks nice.

Over all I am very pleased with the digi pack that I have created. I will get feedback on what others think of it, and also include my group members digi packs too.

Monday, 4 March 2013



Here is the image that we have created for our logo for our band. We wanted to keep to the idea of having an image or silhouette of a dragonfly, so that it would keep to the concept of our bands name, and that it would become a recognisable logo. I really like the contrast of the black of the text and image to the pink backgroun. Also, the pink gives it a sense of pureity and girliness, which is what we like for the image of our band and it being innocent yet the black giving it that edge that we want.

When creating the logo in photogshop I liked the idea of it being in a circle and there being no other back ground, because it looks more creative and not just a boring, simple square white background to it. This logo will be positioned in the beginning of the music video and on the digipack and posters.

Friday, 1 March 2013



Here is the first exported clip of our music video. We had to show our teacher what we have so far when it comes to completing our music video. As you can see from this exported clip that our music video hasn't been completed yet, and needs a lot more editing. So far, we are pleased with the way its looking, and its looking very natural and documentary styled.



From looking at our feedback, you can see that we had a lot of positive notes about the things that worked well so far in our music video.